Jeff Appelquist facilitates an unforgettable seminar in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The focus will either be on individual leadership or team dynamics, depending on the needs of the group. Participants will read Jeff's award-winning book, Sacred Ground: Leadership Lessons From Gettysburg and the Little Bighorn as preparation for the experience.

Day One is a travel day, with a brief meeting late in the afternoon to lay the groundwork for the battlefield experience. Day Two is spent entirely on the sacred ground of Gettysburg. We move from station to station, discussing key events in the largest battle in the history of the western hemisphere. We consciously apply the historical learnings to our own business lives, and take away a leadership lesson from each location. We walk the ground of Pickett's Charge and end the day with a reading of the Gettysburg Address, near the spot where Abraham Lincoln delivered it in November 1863. Day Three pulls everything together, with reflections on the experience and delivery of practical tools to take back to the workplace.

View this four-minute video highlighting Blue Knight's Gettysburg adventure with Fresenius Medical Care.


“The Gettysburg experience allowed me to observe my team and get to know them better in a powerful and unique environment. The follow-on work was key and helped me make several critical decisions about my organization. We saw an immediate improvement in business outcomes helping to drive our growth and leadership goals. I will continue to invest in my leaders through the Blue Knight program.”

Brian Gauger
SVP, Physician Strategies
Fresenius Medical Services