Changing Places: Travels in a Vanishing World 

In Changing Places, Jeff Appelquist journeys from the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to the highest mountaintop in Africa; from Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to the Vatican City in Rome; from the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu; from the lush vineyards of Napa Valley to the rushing rivers of Montana to the fertile farmlands of rural Minnesota to the sparkling waters off Key West, and many points in between. Changing Places is both an engaging travel memoir and a sobering treatise on the environment. Our world is a beautiful place, which Appelquist chronicles with a keen, loving eye and captivating storytelling. But it is also in peril: its coastlines, reefs, glaciers, rainforests, icecaps and species are vanishing before our eyes. In the end, Changing Places is a call to action for every person who cherishes the Planet Earth.

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StarTribune: Minnesota writer, a former business lawyer and Marine, declares 'civil' war on climate change

Legacy of Excellence: A Centennial History of the Toro Company 

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ISBN: 978-1940014869
12" x 12", Hardcover, 240 pages
Pub Date: July - 2014

From humble origins, The Toro Company has grown over the past century into a global enterprise with two billion dollars in annual revenue and five thousand employees. In Legacy of Excellence, author Jeff Appelquist explains in compelling and dramatic fashion why the Toro story matters. The company has survived countless ups and downs and serves as a model for us all in its intelligent adaptability and dogged perseverance.

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Awards & Nominations

  • National Indie Excellence Awards First Place Prize/Cover Design
  • Midwest Book Awards Finalist/History
  • Midwest Book Awards Finalist/Coffee Table

Sacred Ground: Leadership Lessons from Gettysburg & the Little Bighorn

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ISBN: 978-1-59298-323-0
6" x 9", Hardcover, 348 pages
Pub Date: March - 2010

In Sacred Ground, Jeff Appelquist takes us on an amazing journey of exploration and discovery to the Gettysburg and Little Bighorn battlefields. By studying these momentous events through the lens of individual leadership and team dynamics, we see that the stories from history are fascinating, the parallels to today are memorable, and the principles of leadership enduring.

Awards & Nominations

  • Writer's Digest International Awards First Place Prize/Nonfiction.
  • National Indie Excellence Awards Gold Medal/Military History.
  • Midwest Book Awards First Place Prize/Business.
  • ForeWard Reviews Awards Silver Medal/Business.
  • Midwest Book Awards Finalist/Interior Design.
  • Ben Franklin Awards Finalist/History.
  • Reader Views Literary Awards Finalist/Business.

"I believe in the power of stories to teach. In Sacred Ground, Jeff Appelquist proves himself a first-rate storyteller. His focus on real people and their incredible, true-life adventures makes the history come alive. Jeff also shares his own leadership journey, which is a remarkable story as well. The lessons from Sacred Ground are timeless." 

Shari Ballard
Executive Vice President and President,
Americas, Best Buy Company, Inc.

Wisdom Is Not Enough: Reflections on Leadership and Teams  

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ISBN: 978-1-59298-373-5
6" x 9", Hardcover, 200 pp
Pub Date: February - 2011

In Wisdom Is Not Enough, Jeff Appelquist draws on his twenty-five years of real world experience as a military officer, lawyer, corporate executive, and entrepreneur to share his hard won and compelling insights into what makes great leaders and their team tick.

Awards & Nominations

  • National Indie Excellence Awards Gold Medal/Business
  • Midwest Book Awards First Place Prize/Cover Design
  • Reader Views Literary Awards Second Place Prize/Business
  • Midwest Book Awards Finalist/Business
  • ForeWard Reviews Awards Finalist/Careers

"In Wisdom is Not Enough, Jeff Appelquist draws on a deep understanding of history and engaging ability for storytelling to offer insightful reflections on leadership, decision making and life. I found the book original, thought-provoking and interesting."

John E. Schlifske
Chairman and CEO
Northwestern Mutual

The Great Wild West: An American Journey 

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ISBN: 978-1-59298-993-5
6" x 9", Hardcover, 520 pp
Pub Date: April 2013

JEDEDIAH MAGNUS WEST is "The Great Wild West." Award-winning author Jeff Appelquist takes us on an amazing odyssey as Jed West's story unfolds against the dramatic sweep of modern American history. Jed serves America as a Marine officer and courageously confronts multiple life-changing events. He leaves the military and enters into a law practice that he comes to detest. But fortune shines when he marries a wife and fathers two daughters whom he adores. Jed becomes an entrepreneur who builds a business empire, only to watch his world come crashing down around him. Over time, in ways that they could never have imagined, Jed and his beloved circle of family and friends are forced to come to grips with highly charged issues of race, religion, gender, and sexuality. Throughout all of his adventures and challenges, Jed strives to persevere, to maintain his outrageous sense of humor, to do the right thing, and to become a better man. The Great Wild West is a great wild ride and an unforgettable vision of the American dream.

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Awards & Nominations

  • National Indie Excellence Awards First Place Prize/Historical Fiction
  • National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist/Fiction
  • Midwest Book Awards Finalist/Historical Fiction
  • Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist/First Novel